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The RH Youth Organisation has two groups under its name, a Theatre Group and an Outdoor Adventure Group. We are a charitable organisation  that offers children and young people between 4-17 years old a safe, welcoming and nurturing environment to enable them to build confidence, social skills, life skills and independence.

  • To promote qualities such as fairness, respect, honesty, pride and hard work in Children and Young People through outdoor adventure and expressive arts (Theatre Group)

  • To allow Children and Young People to learn skills to equip them for the world of work and to be independent learners and able to use their initiative.

  • To allow Children and Young People to feel a sense of pride and achievement in all they do and to be an essential part of our local community by participating in local events and taking opportunities to help out.

We also give Young People the opportunity to work towards and achieve the well known awards such as the Duke of Edinburgh and Saltire Awards.


All our adult volunteers have been trained to the standards and expectations of the RH Youth Organisation. All our adult volunteers are members of the PVG Scheme (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) 

We are always looking for new adult volunteers to provide our services to the young people in our local community. To enquire about joining the organisation please get in touch.

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Throughout the year the RH Youth Organisation has a full range of events for the community and surrounding areas! 

Take a look at what events are coming up in our Box Office!


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