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RH Youth Organisation Board

Main Contact

Development Officer

Development Officer social media-

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Our Location

Theatre Group-
Lockerbie Branch
is Located at Lockerbie Academy.
Lochmaben Branch is located at Lochmaben Kings Arms (function room)

Outdoor & Adventure-
Lockerbie Branch 
is located at Lockerbie Town Hall.
Lochmaben Branch is located at Lochmaben Church Hall


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Information about our groups

Please read information about our groups before signing up.

Signing up online form


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Signing up-

  • Weekly cost for sessions is £1.50 per child per session.

  • There will be annual fee of £10.00 per child to cover insurance. If your child attends both groups only one fee is due. (Due early 2023).

Using our online form

If you do not hear from us within 24 hours we recommend that you send this form below. Please download and send via email.

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