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The RH Youth Organisation provides a chance for young people to gain awards. There are a number of tasks in each award that can be completed during Session times or at home. There are requirement booklets below. You can keep a record as you go along throughout the years. There will be The RH Youth Organisation Awards Ceremony usually at the end of the year where your families can come along and cheer you on!

Theatre Group Certificate Awards

Theatre List awards.jpg

Requirement booklet

Edition 2022

Outdoor and Adventure Group Certificate Awards

List of OutA Awards.jpg

Requirement booklets

Edition 2022




The Young Team Leader Award

Young Team Leader award.jpg

The Young Team Leaders Programme is for the ages of 14-17 Years old. This programme allows Young People to take the lead in planning and running their own session. With the help of the Training Officer our Young Team Leaders will be guided to complete four tasks. These tasks are to help our Young People learn, develop, grow new skills to lead and inspire the children and young people in the organisation with confidence. Each task completed you will receive a certificate of achievement.

Requirement booklets

Edition 2022

You can request a booklet through our email 

Young Team Leader Award Programme

The Chief Executive Certificate Award

Chief Exec Award.jpg

The Chief Executive Award is the highest award you can gain in the RH Youth Organisation. 


Requirement booklets

Edition 1

The Chief Executive Award

Other awards

We also give opportunities for young people to gain their Duke of Edinburgh Award and Saltire Awards.

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